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I keep surfing different blogs regularly and one in particular caught my eye.  The title was catchy and so is the concept.

Do visit  

I’ve seen Mommy blogs before but this one is different and refreshing.  I was introduced to TwitterMoms via this article on Social Times. Founded by Megan Calhoun, it gives you different topics to connect with other moms which is right in the center of the page (I like that!). It is specially for tech-savvy moms who find the time to tweet and blog which catches the unique margin in moms segment(great idea for a target audience). It also provides a variety of regular features of having a forum, events, seeing other mommy blogs, videos, blogs, groups and discussions.

The best part is the The TwitterMoms Seal of Approval which makes a significant impact in the world of social media and online marketing. As quoted by Social Times,

The Seal of Approval reviews are available online as well as on any smartphone, so that curious moms can drill down the review data even at the point of sale. The reviews also come with a QR code – a barcode that can be scanned by a mobile phone – so that products that want to boast about their Seal of Approval can pass on the positive reviews to consumers in-store.

I think the QR code is a wonderful concept and has great potential – one of its good application seen in TwitterMoms, especially with today’s moms shopping  and buying online. A lot of them are looking for actual reviews with a family perspective in mind and appreciate the fact that the products are actually tried and tested by real mommies. Great going, TwitterMoms!

You would think figuring out your target audience would be easy…isn’t it? A bunch of people waiting all day to view your website exclusively!!! LOL!!!!

It took some active dialog with the client to figure out what audience we are catering to. It was only after we looked at our short term and long term goals, could we narrow down who primarily would be our audience and the list did surprise me. A few months back when we discussed this topic, the audience part got concluded as, “well, potential clients”. But today after homework # 2, the answer is different.
I guess you may think you’re just a web developer/designer, but directing your client (and thus your website) plays an important role. It helps you understand how and whzat you will focus on when you start the website. It also helps the client get a direction on what the focus should be , while supplying imagery, content, etc.
We picked three kinds of audience. One existing, one potential and third is the kind that have been past collaborations but never taken seriously as a target market.

What have I been upto in week 2?
Last week started slow and steady, trying to get it started with the assessment stage: a preliminary questionnaire looking briefly at what goals and scope your website would cover. The second part of the process looking at competitor websites and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses and in that process discovering yours.

This week we’re looking at the second stage of Analysis and Planning where we study three different aspects of the web development process (reference links from Adam):

I looked these up:



Now we talk business 🙂

This is challenging, especially if it’s a corporate website. I am still working on this and getting it ready as of now – will blog more after the deadline.

Till then….