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We presented our final website last week and it was exciting to see each others’ work. There is always so much to learn and since our Capstone class has a varied bunch, there were a few tips to pick up from each of the website process. There were a variety of websites created, one designed a website for her own PR/marketing firm. Another website featured a contemporary tea house called Tea Fuse. Another colleague based her website on creating a web identity for her artist mom.

Mine was designed for the corporate organization, Raltec Corp offering software & technology solutions. I also incorporated the use of Google Analytics in the website. please visit the following link:


Cheers to Capstone! We now await for results from the Capstone evaluation team who will be grading us on this ten week project.

We also discussed the below topics in our last visit:

I may have missed other pointers. Feel free to leave your suggestions.

Thank you to all of you that made my Capstone project, a great and enriching experience….truly appreciate it.

Hello World!

Hello world! I liked the way WordPress used this 🙂
I am using this ephemeral “so often used statement” to make my grand entry to the virtual web world.
I am Pooja and I am one of the millions who has opened “yet another blog” and yes, this one has a purpose.
I am taking up a challenge (something I’ve procrastinated over for years!!) to create (guess what??)….
……………………. A WEBSITE!!!!
Yes, the uppercase says it all!
The website creation is essentially a part of the Emory Capstone project, a project (rather website) you create from A to Z after taking the courses leading to your Web Development. Adam is my instructor for this project
But why a BLOG?
The blog will help me document my virtual roller coaster adventure along the way. I want to document my findings (articles, blogs, etc), successes and challenges (I refuse to call those failures) in this ten week period.
More importantly the blog will help me keep a check on “the method to my madness”. I am interested in looking back at the whole process that made my website happen. I would also encourage my friends, teachers, colleagues and the other crazy people who know me to contribute and make this ride more memorable. It is your experiences, knowledge-sharing and encouraging comments that is the objective of the blog.