So finally entered the Google + family last week and it does feel good after reading the below:

google + profile

Pooja's google + profile

And you feel more like an excited kiddo with a new toy when you read this:

Google + Trial message

Google + Trial message

Will post more as I dabble into it but a few things don’t go unnoticed.

Google + has aligned almost every feature with the “circles” you create.  Except Photos and Video…..really? Or am I seeing it wrong? Your profile settings get configured, your posts too and not your pics? Hmm……

How do I get people who add me to their lists to not see my profile at all?  You can block but not hide! Privacy hindrance.

But I do love the Post to circles feature. That way, everyone in my circles is not subject to all posts/status updates I make….

Overall I am liking it and yes, I feel the breath of fresh air after Facebook  – something different, you definitely can do so  much more….More later!

On another note, the Plus word now does not bother me anymore…it’s the Buzz (and Google , there is no pun intended here!). After a few frustrating plus sizes (feet and dress included – yes, Pooja is adding another + to her family!), here is a Plus I am so comfortable with.

Here are some useful articles I found:

Thanks Google!
You made my day!