A lot is being talked about SEO and SEM. It isn’t very new technology but a lot of people are getting to know about it and are spreading the jargon. So I decided to delve into the jargon and hope to use the terminology appropriately in conversation. I am going to research commonly and “not-so-commonly” used words and have a Saturday SEO Jeopardy blog!!!! 😀 We have the answer in the title of the blog and we’ll also have the questions leading to the title in the actual blog. Hope I get some participation there….exciting for me for sure (I know you think of me as a geek already, but I promise to make this fun, for you and of course for me!)

On another note, today’s brand new news:
Facebook is coming up with upgrades which will include hi-res photos, photo-download links, bulk tagging options and an elegant lightbox interface for viewing images from anywhere on the site. I think this is great for Facebook which not only has competition as a social media tool but also as a tool for pictures (hi-res!!) hence being one of the world’s largest photo-sharing sites. This will also impact Flicker as a lot of tools used on Flicker will now be a part of the upgrade. Way to go FB! Click here to read more on the article.

Have a good weekend.