Hello world! I liked the way WordPress used this 🙂
I am using this ephemeral “so often used statement” to make my grand entry to the virtual web world.
I am Pooja and I am one of the millions who has opened “yet another blog” and yes, this one has a purpose.
I am taking up a challenge (something I’ve procrastinated over for years!!) to create (guess what??)….
……………………. A WEBSITE!!!!
Yes, the uppercase says it all!
The website creation is essentially a part of the Emory Capstone project, a project (rather website) you create from A to Z after taking the courses leading to your Web Development. Adam is my instructor for this project
But why a BLOG?
The blog will help me document my virtual roller coaster adventure along the way. I want to document my findings (articles, blogs, etc), successes and challenges (I refuse to call those failures) in this ten week period.
More importantly the blog will help me keep a check on “the method to my madness”. I am interested in looking back at the whole process that made my website happen. I would also encourage my friends, teachers, colleagues and the other crazy people who know me to contribute and make this ride more memorable. It is your experiences, knowledge-sharing and encouraging comments that is the objective of the blog.