We’re at end of week 1 and are working on what we want our website to be. Everyone had different ideas and perspectives and I think that makes this Capstone project class pretty interesting.

What was week “ONE” all about?

Introspect the process. Make the assessment.

We went over the Web Development Process – goals, objectives and other info you would never bother to organize on paper, but it sure is important. Things like business objectives, technical requirements besides design and production help you plan the project better.

Where does an Assessment mean?

A successful website-to-be does a lot of research on

  1. Identifying the website’s competitors
  2. Analyzing their game plan
  3. Deciding how to give your website the virtual presence.

Here are some interesting articles:


Here are some I did a research on:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_design#Website_planning (I depend on Wikipedia!)




Feel free to add any others you may want to share…..